Artist 1st, it's our passion to pursue. Designer 2nd, it's our desire to redefine. Engineer 3rd because it's necessary. We have a passion for branding, MoGraph, and 3Digital visualization. Specialize in creative problem-solving for educational, corporate and entertainment industries. Our three core disciplines are brand identity, motion interactive and visualization. Here are some of the projects we've been working on lately. In the meanwhile check out our full website and beyond if you would like.



kware Design | Motion Reel

showreel 1

Role: Created animation & motion graphics for various clients through the years.


MICROSOFT | Retail Design

showreel 2

Role: Created/Organized all of the 3D assets and created motion graphics for their PowerPoint presentations.



showreel 3

Role: One of the designers who worked on the LED display designs & motion templates for LG at the AHR Expo event in Atlanta, GA.


Nissan IDS | iconography/GUI

showreel 4

Role: Designed these icons to help categorize specific areas and made it easier to navigate throughout their A.I. console.


XBOX | Visual Merchandising

showreel 5

Role: Created/Organized all of the 3D assets and created motion graphics for their PowerPoint presentations.


nissan titan | digital hmi/GUI

showreel 6

Role: Designed HMI video pitch presentation to show a concept for Nissan new off-road concept vehicle


Amazon Fire TV | media ads

show reel 7

Role: Worked with Platform Inc. on animation/rich-media ad campagin for Amazon fireTV promo. Note: To comply with my NDA, I created my own presentation & does not necessarily reflect the views of Amazon.


NBC/Universal | pitch project

show reel 8

Role: Worked on a conceptual promo for a free giveaway at the summer premiere opening of Transformers the ride.


Pokemon co. | pitch project

show reel 9

Role: This was a part of a pitch presentation to show a few ideas/concepts for their new game launch at E3.





Brand identity is an evolving asset. It's one that requires continued attention. One that your customers will have a big role in shaping. One that you'll need to foster. One that you'll return to, make adjustments to as your business grows or changes. You deserve to stand out. We work hard to develop visuals and messaging that embody the essence of your brand. Whether it's a name, a logo, a visual identity or digital presence - all of your communications need to consistently convey who you are and what you stand for. Let us make your mark in the industry!

Here is an example of brand presence and consistency. Radiant Vision Systems is a leader in consumer electronics, display technologies, and lighting relies on Radiant for test and measurement solutions that ensure quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies. We elaborated further on their brand by creating tasteful business stationery, trade show graphics, PowerPoint, and beyond!

ASMI | Brand guidelines

case study 1

Role: Created a brand guideline as a tool to help them with identity/style consistency within their organization.


Duke EnERgy | Visual PROJECT

case study 2

Role: Worked closely with the media director to create a video presentation for their self-healing network.


Microscan | Brand GuidelineS

case study 3

Role: Created a brand user guide as a tool to help them with identity consistency within their organization.




The Process

Our work has always been inspired by our passion for visual and design, and it's still the backbone of our process. We use the principles of those areas and combine them with our clients and expertise to create new digital media experiences. Based on this philosophy we believe that almost every digital and analog challenge can be solved with creativity and forward-thinking process.

Project Assignment Objective: 1st Goal - Create a simplify UI based on the Nissan BladeGlider EV concept, using a minimalistic or futuristic design system. We could use the existing color theme, or come up with your own color combinations as well. 2nd Goal - Create a motion study of a user-case scenario by switching from "human driver" to "self-driving" mode. This will be the hero moment as the client requested. Here are the results below!



Our Method

We use a combination of creative thinking and expert craftsmanship across multiple, integrated design disciplines to create and deliver exceptional products, services, and experiences that create a long-lasting effect and shape positive outcomes for users and humanity. Whether it's designing brand identities, app iconographies, motion studies or visualization, our creative philosophy is to keep an open mind and use the newest trends in the design industry to create a unique experience for each one of our clients.




BIO: Ken's work experience specializes in creative solutions in the area of new media for the corporate, startup, agency and entertainment industries for over the past fifteen years. Here are his three core strengths; brand identity, motion interactive and visualization media. He has worked diligently to perfect his skills to create a unique style that clients raved about for years (like Cartoon Network, NBC/Universal, Microsoft and Philips Design). He has a deep passion for motion/interaction and he loves a challenge to explore all new possibilities as well. Also, he has the ability to learn quickly and master any new technologies within a project time-frame. As an accomplished and well-rounded hybrid design specialist, he worked on several projects launches to help firms to reach their goals during his career. He also specializes in creating augmented/virtual reality contents, and a certified developer within the HP Reveal network.

Thx in advance for the opportunity to work with you in the near future :)




We see our clients more as a partner than just another customer. We grow with them, become part of their team and do everything possible to continually produce great creative work and successful results. Here are just a few clients we've provided creative solutions for over the years.

Duke Energy
Seagull Scientific
GE Captial
American Cancer Society
Cartoon Network
Verizon Business
Philips Design
Radiant Vision Systems





Date: 07/13/18

Unreal Engine Drives Digital Puppeteering System

blog_img’s signature purple monster in record time for social media, The Mill devised a real-time finger-driven system using Unreal Engine and a Leap Motion device rig.

Date: 03/19/18

New Era of Design

blog_img 3The Foundry had released a new video about the use of Modo 12 in design featuring cameos from concept stars like Neville Page and Scott Robertson.

Date: 07/12/17

WebVR Comes Alive With Sound

blog_img 1The World’s First WebVR Animated Short. To celebrate our one million users, we put our new sound features to use to show the possibilities at Sketchfab.



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